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Vivar Heat eXchangers

With a history of almost 90 years in supplying Spare Parts worldwide Vivar Heat eXchangers was born within Vivar Ship Supply and added as a proud member of the Vivar group.


VHeX is a strategic partner for Spare Parts, New Units, Reconditioning, Direct Service and maintenance on Board for any Plate and Separator heat Exchanger.

Dedication, fast service, skilled employees and constantly striving to improve quality and service are the core of Vivar Heat eXchangers. Specialists in the field of Spare Parts, repair and maintenance of Plate- and Separator Heat Exchangers.


Maintenance queries from customers were initially handled from Vivar Heat eXchangers office. Over the years Vivar Heat eXchangers has grown in offering excellent services in the field of repair, maintenance and advice. From Vivar Heat eXchangers modern workshop we solve problems with plate heat exchangers quickly and accurate. In addition, Vivar Heat eXchangers offers preventive tailored solutions with the right knowledge and sound experience.


Vivar Heat eXchangers reconditions your plate heat exchanger using the very latest equipment. In the workshop the plates are cleaned with high pressure cleaners and chemical baths. In the Dye-check area the plates are checked for defects in accordance with a qualified procedure. Gaskets are fitted in the servicing process. Plates with adhesive gaskets are placed with minimal downtime. Right from the start, it has been important for Vivar Heat eXchangers to work from the perspective of the customers.

Expertise in Separator / Purifier Heat eXchangers

Vivar Heat eXchangers has exclusively developed their own brand Separator Heaters. The ”VHeX” models are an excellent equivalent brand for replacement of any:

  • SWEP B10 and B25 MODELS
  • Alfa Laval CBM 26-30-76-110 MODELS
  • Kelvion/GEA OC 4 and OC 5 MODELS

ALL MODELS ARE AVAILABLE IN Threaded or SAE Flange Connections.

VHeX Separator Heat exchangers are specially produced for Vivar Heat eXchangers. “VHeX” separator heat exchangers are a top Quality product against a sharp price and are 1 on 1 exchangeable for all current units on board. All “VHeX” Heat Exchangers are directly available from stock and can be shipped worldwide only a few hours after receipt of order.



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